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A Virtual Memorial Duesseldorf 2015


The next manifestation of “Draft Title: SHOAH”
featuring Shoah Film Collection
is scheduled for 2015/2016 in Duesseldorf/Germany

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Welcome KirsiMarja Metsähuone

Shoah Film Collection is happy to welcome another new artist


KirsiMarja Metsähuone (Finland) and her video
Known Named Identified, 2014, 5:37 min
Not anonymous. Not foreign. Not forgotten.

Read her interview on Shoah Film Collection interview Project

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Welcome Christophe Bisson

Shoah Film Collection is happy to add a new contributing artist


Christophe Bisson (France) and his film
Sarah (K), 2014, 14:00

For decades French philosopher Sarah Kofman, whose father was murdered in death camps, drew hollow-eyed, gaping faces on Bristol cards. Analyzing them after her suicide, Philippe Boutibonnes makes an analogy with Zoran Mušič’s drawings in Dachau…

His interview on Shoah Film Collection Interview Project /SFCIP)
is completing is unusual film contribution

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Welcome Ela Goldman & Menachem Kaiser


2014 – 10 Years Cologne International Videoart Festival

Shoah Film Collection –
is happy to include a new film – by “Ela Goldman (Israel)
entitled “What Has Been Will Be Again, What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again”, 2013, 3:49

It shows a “carpet” comprised of over 400 dreidels set on the floor. The dreidels alternately spin to create an almost abstract pattern of color and form. Putting the familiar holiday game into a new context, this work is a tribute to the Jewish culture that was almost annihilated in WW2. The main element in this piece is the dreidel used as a symbol for the continuity of generations. This toy, which my children played with in Israel, is the same as the ones my ancestors used in Poland, before the war, and their heritage lives on with it.

View the video on

Read her interview on
SFCIP – Shoah Film Collection Interview Project


Shoah Film Collection
is also very happy to include another intractive project
which is closely related to Vilnius. During the symposion on A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013″ - http://vilnius2013.a-virtual-memorial.org/ – Menachem Kaiser was interviewed via SKYPE – see also the documentation of AVM Vilnius 2013 – http://downloads.nmartproject.net/Docu_AVM-Vilnius-2013_en.pdf

The work is entitled – reVILNA – http://www.revilna.org offering the user the possiblity to explore the history and the area of the former Ghetto of Vilnius online.

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The submission period 2014 is over

The period for submitting films and videos to Shoah Film Collection is over, showing all the dilemma of “Shoah” as a topic in art, and motivating artists and filmmakers to deal with this topic.

I would be lying if I would tell the people how many submissions came in, in fact, there are no more than 15 since the call started on 27 January 2014.

I thank all the 15 submitters from the heart for submitting and giving Shoah a relevance, but at the same time, I am allowed to be critical and state that of most of them did not understand how to make the Shoah a topic in art for present and future generations.

The quantity wouldn’t be disappointing, at all, if the quality and substance of how the films transfer the essence of Shoah as a phenomenon, would compensate the lack of submissions, but unfortunately it is not like that.

As the initiator of Shoah Film Collection, I am to blame, because I was not able to explain properly the actual goal and concept of the project in order to interested artists and filmmakers. But any anonymous call in Internet is also not able to do so, rather workshops or courses at art schools and academies.

But this in only one side of the coin, the other side is, the currently active generations of artists and filmmakers, whether they are Jewish or not, grew up in Europe, USA or Israel in welfare and peace, and did not experience themselves what it means to be persecuted by a totalitarian system, i.e. in term of the Shoah, there are mostly no personal touching points they can identify with.

Their memory of the Holocaust is not based on personal experiences, this is manifesting itself in the films primarily in using existing footage (“found footage” in form of anonymous historical images or documentaries), and since the sources of the footage are limited, the use of always the same kind of images which are generally the Holocaust illustrating and documenting is not only causing, but also underlining a certain kind of stereotype of the view on the Holocaust.

I would not say, it would be completely ineligible using this historical footage in art, but not as exclusively as it is done.

And thinking of the goal of the project and the audience to whom the artworks are addressed to, continuously repeting the same stereotypes is neither causing any understanding for the Holocaust, nor touching people emotionally, and in this way, they will generate rather an aversion and the contrary of what it is actually intended, and this is such a pity.

The works included in Shoah Film Collection, show already exactly this problem in a certain way, and only some of the participating artists refer on personal emotional experiences and affection, but that’s Shoah Film Collection is looking for.

How can the artists be brought into the position of being personally emotionally affected and transfer this affection via the moving images to the audience?

This question needs to be answered in order to come closer to the aims of Shoah Film Collection.

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New film on Shoah Film Collection


2014 – 10 Years Cologne International Videoart Festival

Shoah Film Collection
is happy to include a new film – by Istvan Horkay,
entitled “Raoul Wallenberg”, it is about 60 minutes long,
portraying the famous Swedish diplomate in Budapest,
who saved so many Jews 1944/45.

Also in terms of the anti-semitic movement in Hungary these days,
the film gets a particular relevance.


SFC – Shoah Film Collection
is an initiative by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
founded in 2010 in order to encourage young artists generations
to keep vivid the memory of the Holocaust by sensitizing people via art.

The collection encompasses currently about 60 artfilms and videos
from documentation to experiment by artists from 14 coutries.


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Documentation: AVM Vilnius 2013

It is finally so far, the documentation of ” A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013″ standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament is completed and can be downloaded as PDF (5 MB)


Docu_AVM Vilnius 2013 cover

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Milan 2014 – I Colori Della Memoria

A Virtual Memorial Milan 2014 - Commemorative Interventions

Short Review on RAI Tre

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A Virtual Memorial Milan 2014 – 25-27 Jan 2014 – some links –

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call: SFC – Shoah Film Collection

Traditionally, on 27 January of a year, Shoah Film Collection is releasing the new call for the coming year.
Today, it is so far for 2014! Deadline 2 June 2014!



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