d/i/light – Memorial

Presentation Formats

There are different formats and timelines for presenting Shoah Film Collection to an audience – as

a) A Virtual Memorial – Commemorative Interventions – http://avmci.a-virtual-memorial.org – only once a year!
b) as a corporate part of the exhibition – ://self~imaging – artists show face against Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism – http://self.emgad.og/2016/ – up to six times a year!
c) d/i/light – Darkness Into Light Festival – http://dilight.engad.org – at any time during a year


AVMCI – A Virtual Memorial Commemorative Interventions

has been launched 2012 intending to place Shoah Film Collection in the context of complementing interventions, such as a symposium, lectures, screenings, artistic performances, exhibitions, artists talks, discussions, workshops and more. This format is offering the chance to present Shoah Film Collection in total or in parts in diffferent ways via screenings, projections and installations.
Due to its complexity, this format can be realized just once a year!
The usual event name is “A Virtual Memorial (Place) (Year)” — see also
A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012
A Virtual Memorial Vinius 2013

Both events had a different constellation of interventions to take place, both included also an artists meeting.
The symposion was lasting in Riga 3 days, while the exhibition was running 4 weeks.
In Vilnius, the symposium was lasting 4 days, while the exhibition was running in total 6 weeks.


d/i/light – Darkness Into Light Festival

this is a new event format using the structures of a conventional film or video festival in order to present during one, two or three days program screenings selected from Shoah Film Collection to be enriched optionally by a lecture and discussions and/or an exhibition of the art films or a serial program to be screened during a certain period of time.
This format can be realized at any time during a year!

Corresponding to “A Virtual Memorial (Place) (Year)”, the usual event name is “d/i/light (Place) (Year)” –> see also fictive event name

d/i/light Cologne 2017

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