Shoah Film Collection – Interview Project


SFCIP would like to give background information to the viewer concerning the “making of” of the films, their artistic concepts, the relevance to the topic and perspectives for now and future.

It is intending to form the basis for future discussions how the memory of the Holocaust can be kept vivid via art, by sensitizing people via art.

Recently posted interviews by

Christophe Bisson (France)
Ela Goldman (Israel)
Michael Lazar (Israel)
Andrea Nevi & Eleonora Beddini (Italy)
Felice Hapetzeder (Sweden)
Grace Graupe-Pillard (USA)
Dova Cahan (Israel)
Sean Burn (UK)
NOK&T/ART – Bannenberg & Snel (Netherlands)
Shelley Jordon (USA)
Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

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